Teya Salat

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new things :* new weapons sounds *new cars sound (HD ) *new car's , and a trains .dff .txd file in a folder in extrated place you can see that after installation ... more modes i write something only * PRESS R REPAIR UR CAR *all houses is enterable *new cj's house ( lexury) *press 3 clothes menu *press 5 in a car to show car menu there more new items added * type BMBM to place the Fireworks rocket * added some streeet dogs to game check screenshots for locations *type NUKE for a surprise really you can enjoy that am sure (dont try more times because may ur game crash )i think thats zaz's mod * type BURN to start firing on peoples and cars, type BURN again to stop inferno *press D and L to switch between the 4 dildos and the fist as current weapon and press fire you can see a magic * do you feel slow then press shift + f12 turn of effects (enb serias enabled ) * Press CTRL+C to bring up the all cheats menu. *press key you to spawn a jumpramp * new island in ls near santamaria beach take a boat and go stright * added a music player in cj's house you can hear that when you enter ur house * sweet's , ryder;s smokes's house is enterable and you can chat with them at anytime * some ghosts and bigfoots in game hunt them *new roaming planes, helis, ... etc in airport * libertycity teleport near that desert airport (near area 69 ) * animations (space + P for lay, space + 3 to space + 9 you can check in game space + 0 for disable) * Press Ctrl+E to activate the mod, and Ctrl+F to deactivate it. then shooooot explosive bullets enjoy * press 7 vehiclespawner * longest trains like real * press Y and X to teleport to marked place * cRTL +M SELECT A MISSION * parachute fast perfomance (->Skydive with closed parachute press ENTER to do ->on foot and on ground press P and [SPRINT-KEY] to give Player a parachute press P and [JUMP-KEY] to teleport into the sky and start parachuting ->on foot when falling press P when falling to teleport into the sky and start parachuting) * type "STOP" all peoples and vehicles stop that posision * K - Set engine on/off L - Set lights on/off * Tai Chi: press Aim + T * sit : press aim + B * handsup space +8 ... do space + 3 to 8 for more animations * Press Z to disable gang war. Press N to enable gang war * Now a girl living in CJ's house. You can take her as a bodyguard on the kitchen. She is undying and she has a minigun. Tab+Enter - she'll give CJ a minigun Tab+V - kissing, after it CJ's health will be full When CJ crouch, the girl will ask what happened. * Have Longer and More Realistic Trains in San Andreas. * TELEPORT Simply place a marker on your map in the pause menu, then press Y and X to teleport there instantly in a blast of smoke. The cops will have no idea where you've disappeared to, and any wanted level you have will be lost. Any gang members following you will teleport with you. This mod also lets you teleport along with your vehicle if you are driving. * press G and B to while on foot to call the Paratroopergang * turn indicators mod press Z left press c to right press X double ..(ped vehicle also do indiacators enjoy * more mods you can check in game, or screen shots ... sorry for ma bad english .. * and alots of new car new cj and house map ... etc enjoy : moded by sahad ikr